Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today it's Official: A Moment in Nebraska Telephone History

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Today it is official. If you have not heard, it is now mandatory for all callers in the 402 area code in eastern Nebraska to dial all 10 digits of a local number. 402 numbers are running or have completely ran out and new numbers will be assigned a new area code: 531. There has been some confusion about this though - at least here on my campus. Some are thinking that they need to add the three new digits "531" onto all existing numbers. When I heard this, I thought, no way would Nebraska do that. Do you know how many numbers people have in their phones?! Many have hundreds! I took it upon myself to do a little research and sure enough it was false.

Here is the article from the Journal Star:
Starting Saturday, it's mandatory for callers in the 402 area code to dial all 10 digits of a local number. That's because new phone numbers in eastern Nebraska will be assigned the new 531 area code after all the 402 numbers are used up.
In honor of this moment in telephone history, we've compiled a timeline of events leading up to this day: the arrival of the area code, 402's grand debut, the miracle of the cordless phone and more.
Image via Journal Star

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