Sunday, February 27, 2011

The End Result: Tumblr Fans, Say Hello to the New Tumblr Plugin for Seesmic Desktop... well for MOST of us.

As huge Tumblr users and fans here at Seesmic, we've been wishing someone would come along and build a Tumblr plugin for Seesmic Desktop. Alas, our wish has come true.
Thanks to the folks over at Soda Digital, we've got a brand spankin' new Tumblr plugin available for you in the Seesmic Marketplace.
The new Tumblr plugin brings the stream to your desktop with the follwing features:
  • Blogs, photos, links and videos are all displayed within Seesmic
  • Post directly to your Tumblelog via Seesmic
  • Reblog and like posts via Seesmic
A screenshot of the plugin in action, below:
To take the new Tumblr plugin for a spin, just visit their section of the marketplace here, or install the plugin directly from your Seesmic Desktop application.
Go ahead, blog away!
I was stoked when I saw this! Aaaand then I remembered Seesmic won’t work for me for some odd reason. WHYYYY??? Seesmic, I have contacted you via Twitter, email and your blog about this issue… help?

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