Friday, February 25, 2011

Fail Whale Vs. Tumblbeasts... The Result? This.

The Fail Whale fails yet again. Its friend-birds even left him. What a sad day.

You may be wondering how this went down. Well I wasn't there, but I have my own speculations. This is what happened.
Twitter invited the fail whale over for supper. Up to this point, the whale was able to swim, but it was having some troubles getting going so, being the friends that they are, some local tweeters (birds) tried to assist. They've done this literally tons of times, but this time, one of the tweeter choked on the rope, letting go and putting more of a burden on the others. They couldn't contain the weight of Mr. Fail Whale and he started to slip. At this time they were still quite a ways out to see and managed to get a grip of him, but the tweeter that choked was caught by a tremendous gust of wind and was swept away, never to be seen again. Now to get to the Twitter headquarters, there were two ways. Because they lost one tweeter in battle they decided to take the shortcut over Tumblr Island. This was a dangerous and treacherous flight, not only in the air, but below Tumblbeasts were waiting like scavengers for their meal. The Tumblbeasts made a living on this island only because of the amount of "crash landings." Well needless to say, the Fail Whale didn't make it to supper that night. Another tweeter choked on a string and was swept away by the blusterous wind and the nine of them couldn't hold him up.
 Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the Tail of the Fail Whale... oh wait... those were the Tumblbeasts that did!

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