Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is It Just You?







We've all been there.  You load a web page, it takes forever to load and once it does, you realize that it's down. Or is it?  A cool site called "Down For Everyone Or Just Me?" allows you to see just that. 

It's simple. When you go to the page you'll see a box where you can copy and paste the address of the problematic website in.  Once you hit enter it reveals the mysterious problem… is it just you or could it be the site itself? In some cases it is just you.  This might be from your firewall or network blocking certain sites.

Recently as you can see in the first picture a browser add-on of mine was down.  The add-on itself is a webpage that can only be used with the add-on called Feedly. I wasn’t sure if it was my browser or another conflicting add-on preventing me from using it.  I switched from Firefox to Chrome to see if it would make a difference, but it didn’t. I come to find out…




It wasn’t just me.  Thankfully, I had switched to Chrome (the first image) because it gave me a proper error page leading me to try “Down For Everyone Or Just Me?”.  Firefox was a little less helpful…


Hopefully this helped a bit so that next time when you run across a website that won’t load, you know where to check first!

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