Thursday, June 14, 2012

Facebook Recently Displayed A Security Message — Did You See It?

Facebook Security Message

When I logged into Facebook today I saw this message at the “top” of the page above the status update text box. The message isn’t anything “urgent”, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard it. It is simply stating how to stay in control of your account and links to the Facebook Security Page (which I’ve also linked to in case you may have preemptively closed the notice.

On the page there is a security video, three security tips and links to the latest security updates and “advanced” tips. Personally, I don’t like the word, “advanced.” I feel like it sends subliminal messages to users who are less tech-savvy that they either don’t need to know it or won’t understand it… or both. Security, even in Facebook, is definitely not something you can feel that way about.Facebook Security Tips

The video on the page provides some good advice. As well as the three tips on the side:

Know how to spot a scam
Facebook scams are always around. Whether its about some app that can tell you who views your profile or a message saying that Facebook will soon not be free anymore (sigh), you must be skeptical of those things. Also, do your part to let Facebook know about them! Just take a few seconds to mark the message, post, etc. as spam and Facebook will take care of it from there.

Choose a one-of-a-kind password
This is very important, and not just with Facebook, for everything! Password security is a huge issue and will continue to be one. Let me put it for you this way, even if you have a “secure password” (and there’s no such thing), it still will most likely be compromised. All you’re doing is prolonging that from happening. That’s a very cynical way to look at it, but it’s the truth. Recently I read some excellent articles about password security, called "The Only Secure Password Is The One You Can’t Remember” and “The Intermediate Guide To Mastering Passwords With LastPass.” I highly suggest you check both of those articles out as they can transform your online security habits.

Confirm Your Mobile Number
This is a good practice too. But did you know that Facebook can notify you each time a device accesses your account?To enable Login Notifications you must go to Account Settings, then Security. Login Notifications is the second option and you can enable it by clicking “edit.”

Facebook Login Notifications

So how does it work? Whenever you enter your Facebook account credentials, you’ll be prompted to type in the device that you’re accessing your account from.Facebook then sends you a text message to your registered phone number informing you of the device that accessed your account. If you didn’t just log onto Facebook, but you got a text, someone may have just accessed your account. Also, it’s required that they type something before going any further onto your account, so that also can be a clue as to whether your account was accessed as well.

There are many more security settings and features in Facebook and I’ll continue to share them. A recent MakeUseOf article points out some things you can do right now on Facebook to improve your security. Remember to check out the Advanced Tips section too, and also remember that “advanced” doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t understand it. Security is 1 part knowledge and know-how, and 3 parts desire. If you have the desire to be safe and secure, and you should, the knowledge and know-how will come.

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