Thursday, December 1, 2011

Google Upgrades Google Bar From "Black Strip" to "Pop Up" [VIDEO]

I never was that happy with the "new" black Google bar. It had some good features, but lacked others, such as only showing G+ notifications instead of all notifications for Google services (e.g. Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Voice). Or displaying unused links such as "Photos" (which didn't point to Picasa, but rather Google+ photos when there was already (and actually several) a Google+ link. There are also links that are, for lack of better words, worthless. These were "Sites" and "Web". Most Google services already have the "search web option" on the page. Also, most people have a Google toolbar, or at least a Google search box, in their browser. And if they don't, they're probably using Chrome which has one in the address bar. Why must we have so many opportunities to search something? One is good enough. Let's leave it at that.

So that's my opinion of the OLD Google bar and I was somewhat skeptical when the new one was announced too. My whole rant about the "search" bar still exists. Really though... why must Google have a gigantic search box on every one of their pages? You don't need a huge area, just a small corner somewhere. Trust me, we'll still see it!

Here's the video of the new Google bar.

So here are my thoughts on the new Google bar.

I hope the order of the Google services can be customized in the drop down menu as pictured here:

I already don't like that, once again, they aren't taking advantage of the space. (E.g. displaying other notifications from Google services.)

Here are what the two look side by side.

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