Thursday, September 23, 2010

Windows Making Excellent Steps Forward Yet Again

It's news like this that makes me like where Windows is going. People are quick to criticize Windows (or other large companies), but I feel Windows has made some pretty drastic improvements within the past few months. One was the much-needed Hotmail makeover and now the improvements on Windows Live Sync, or what now is again called Windows Live Mesh. The name switch was an improvement in itself, but what I really liked was the storage increase back up to 5 GB like the original Live Mesh had. This is good news and even though 25 GB of storage isn't completely available for syncing yet, I feel they are making improvements to that as well.
We continue to see that the primary way customers are syncing files is between their different PCs (or Macs). And we will continue to make it easy to sync virtually unlimited amounts of data between your PCs. When syncing files to the cloud, beta participants get 2 GB of synced cloud storage. Only 2% of these participants are using more than 1.5 GB. However, Live Mesh offers 5 GB, and while only a small number of Live Mesh customers use all their space, we want to ease migration and increase the online storage limit from 2 GB to 5 GB.
This makes me go cheese. -- :D

View the full article for a more in-depth look: Windows Live Sync to be named Windows Live Mesh

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