Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Google

To: Google
From: "Concerned Child"
(Best if read in a 'little kid's voice')

Dear Google,

I write you concerning some inquiries that I have had for quite some time. 
I hope you don't mind me sending this to you out of the blue. It will only take a few. Also, My daddy has a few questions I'll be asking you too.

Dear Google, why do all your services start with your name? Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Finance, Google Docs, Google Buzz, Google Voice, Google Wave, Google Reader, Google Notebook, Google Google Google.

Dear Google, why do you have so many different things?  Couldn't you just simplify them into a couple? Google Calendar + Tasks, Google Talk + Voice,
Google Mail + Wave, Google Maps + Earth, Google Video + YouTube?

Which brings me to my next question...

Dear Google, why do you have both Google Video AND YouTube?

Dear Google, why is everyone so scared of you?

Dear Google, what is the purpose of Google Buzz? I only have one follower...

Dear Google, is it true you are trying a third time to get into the social networking mix? (Orkut, Buzz, Google Me??)

Dear Google, why did you chose [such a terrible name as] Google Me? Wouldn't that scare people more?

Source: photography-blackbox.blogspot.comDear Google, why are so few of your user interfaces user friendly?

Dear Google, when are you going to stop?

Dear Google, where am I?

Dear Google, how do you plan to make Google Music any better than what is already available?

Dear Google, thanks for not calling Blogger "Google Blogs", but why didn't you think of creative names for all your services?

Dear Google, what does Orkut mean?

Dear Google, I would like to read any book I want in Google Books.  C'mon! You're the biggest powerhouse in America! ...certainly you can twist some fingers!

Dear Google, why'd it take you so long to put HTML in Gmail signatures?

Dear Google, is there an area of the web that you aren't apart of?

Dear Google, This is one from my daddy. Why would you include a box with Google TV?

Don't you know we have enough boxes? (Tivo, DVR, DVD/BluRay)

Dear Google, how come Google Talk isn't a multi-chat client? (MSN, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo, etc)

Aaaand I only have one more question!

Dear Google, are you the Government? Cuz my mommy says you spy on us.

Truly Yours,

Concerned Little Child

P.S. Thank you for Picasa and Gmail. They're great!

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