Monday, June 7, 2010

Not getting notifications on Facebook? Here’s how to change that!

For some time now I have been frustrated with the notifications on Facebook.  I wasn’t getting comments or “Likes” on my posts displayed in my notifications.  I was getting the email, but no notification.  Finally, today I decided to figure this out.  All it took was a simple Google search labeled “facebook not notifying me of comments under posts”.  I chose what I thought was the most accurate link and WAH LA! It took a total of… well I didn’t actually count, but I can honestly say I did it in under 30 seconds.  If you look at that link do NOT take the advice of the second answer and just get a new Facebook account. Haha, that would actually require more time and effort than this method.  So here’s how to do it!

Go to your notifications and on the right side there is a panel titled Show notifications.  Simply check the boxes you would like to Facebook - Your Notificationsreceive notifications for – in this case it would be Feed Comments and Likes.  It’s your Facebook so check the ones you want and uncheck the ones you don’t (if any).  Also on a side note… if you noticed, it also shows me receiving notifications from Game Pulse.  I didn’t realize that until I saw this.  As a matter of fact I haven’t even heard of it until now so thankfully you can uncheck those boxes too.  Hope this helps you as much as it did for me.  Cheers!

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