Friday, June 18, 2010

Don’t Fall for Craigslist Scams

I have been working more and more with Craigslist recently and have noticed that there are a ton of people out to get you.  Craigslist is an awesome site, but don’t let urgency to buy (or sell) something  cause you to make the wrong decision.  I have gotten numerous emails trying to get me to fall for these tricks and they are getting more and more cleaver.  One person asked me to click on a link and I had to download something to view this video so that I knew what she wanted to buy and didn’t make the “same mistake all over again”… isn’t that HER responsibility?  Another guy “Mark” just asked “Still up for sale?”, after I responded “Yes”, he responded with this:

I'm glad it's still for sale. I'm going on a vacation to London but I
will instruct my assistant to prepare and mail you your payment which
I'm sure you will get it in about 4 - 6 business days. I'll add $20
extra for the delay. Money Order is the means I can pay you with. If
this is acceptable by you, Send me your info i.e full name, mailing
address and your phone number so payment can be mail out immediately.
I will also make arrangement for pick-up which will be after you must
have received and cashed the Money Order.
Awaiting your info

Craigslist is constantly warning against things like this, but I’d imagine people are still falling for them, otherwise they’d try new tactics.  It’s a shame such a great site must be polluted with crap, pure crap at times.  It’s a harsh statement, but true.  Hopefully this will open the eyes of some people.  I am going to look into ways to prevent this (if it’s possible).  Craigslist does provide some assistance in this area:  Later on I’m going find ways to make the most out of craigslist.  Be safe, make money and get great deals.  Happy Listing!

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