Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Couch Lounge Is [NOT] Being Discontinued

I've changed my mind... again. Please see my post explaining what the new plan is.

This will be the final post on this blog. All future posts on the topic of technology will be posted to my professional blog on my website.

I have decided to move my efforts to new things. The Couch Lounge was a great run and my first real blog, but I've decided that I want to be more dedicated to other areas and blogs. I plan to continue to post about technology on my on personal blog, However, that won't be the primary places for posting about technology, which I've always been very passionate about. I plan to really start guest posting to many more blogs in the near future. I have already started working with some bloggers on this.

So, I'm sorry for the bad news, but you can continue to follow me personally on my Tumblr blog, Twitter (@aaronrcouch) and Google+.

Thanks for giving The Couch Lounge a great run!

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