Wednesday, January 18, 2012

End Piracy, Not Liberty: New Bill Will Abolish Our Rights

You may or may not be aware of the recent acts the government is trying to establish which will ultimately change the internet and how we use it. These acts are called Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Internet Protocol Act. Being government bills there's actually a lot about them and you can read the bill online and also an article that explains why it's bad. The article walks you through the bill, breaking it down.

There are several resources online that can inform you about the bill, but it's best that you also read it yourself. There are sites that provide petitions to sign and direct links to contact your state senator whether by email or phone. I highly encourage you to do so as it really does make a difference. 

Basically the bill will allow Hollywood and large corporate companies to manage the internet. There's a video that really explains it well. It talks about whether it's copyrighted content that was shared online, such as a homemade music video on YouTube, or you're a startup that competes with a larger corporations, these massive companies and corporations will now have the power to shut down these startups  or sites like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, etc.

It really is pretty scary. So many people just want to ignore it and pretend the government would never do that, but what they don't realize is right now the government has GOOD intentions, just WRONG practices, but if we let these bills pass it will turn into WRONG intentions eventually.
So I will leave you with a link which contains several resources for you to explore, including the bill and several sites against it. Please make a stand for your own freedom because when it comes down to it, it really is an infringement on the American people's rights and liberty, not just some geeks complaining about not being able to steal music anymore. Oh and by the way, this won't even stop them from being able to pirate content, as the "geeks" are smart enough to get around it, so what are they really accomplishing here? I'll tell you: punishing those who actually want to use the internet in the way it was intended for — researching, sharing and discovering new information.

This was originally from me, but if you'd like to pass it on, feel free to. Hope you have an excellent day! Thanks for reading :)

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