Saturday, October 22, 2011

A New Look For Gmail (Video Accidentally Leaked)

There are several new changes that Google has made to the interface. Here are some of my favorites and my thoughts on them:

Cleaner, More User-Friendly Design
This doesn't necessarily apply to me, but I think it will attract more users and that is a benefit to all of us.

Improved Readability in Email Conversations
Gmail is already several steps ahead of the competition (Hotmail, Facebook, Yahoo) by compacting conversations in a organized fashion, but they didn't stop there. Now an email conversation is even easier to follow.

Cleaner Window Resize
Currently when I resize my Gmail window it looks like this:

Thankfully this will change.

Adjustable Label and Chat Areas
This feature will be nice. However I'm hoping that this doesn't affect Gmail Gadgets like Google Docs and Google Calendar or third-party ones like Producteev and Evernote.

Great Customized Searches
Searching in Gmail is already great. So many times I have found things that I thought I totally lost, but this looks great—nicely simplified and easy to use, yet powerful and intuitive.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Pass along the information and share your thoughts below.

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