Monday, August 15, 2011

Computer Security — To Care or Not To Care, Do You?

I'm asked a lot "How do you know so much about computers?" I really don't know a lot, but I do take an interest in them. As far as being secure, it's the biggest thing I push to people and also the biggest thing that gets pushed back at me. People say they don't have time or that it's too complicated. It all get's down to caring and doing a little research. Today I just found a great security website that is strictly information It's simple to understand, straightforward and I think it's a great asset to help start developing "common sense computer security" as I call it. Basically common sense is don't click pop-ups or ads, open attachments or click on emails you weren't expecting from a friend, and think that websites will tell you that you have a virus. That's impossible for them to detect.

I am always happy to help those who want help and want to learn, but I practically refuse to help those who just want a "quick fix" and unless they're paying me, it won't happen. That said, I really do prefer to help someone in the long run such as teaching them to prevent malware (spyware, viruses, adware, etc) from getting on their computer, than just "helping" them in the short run with a quick removal of some trojans and adware what will likely appear again soon.

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