Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mac Security: Don't Need it? Think Again.

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I read an article recently on MakeUseOf.com that addressed the misconstruded topic of security on Mac operating systems. Here is a quote from the article:
This creates a false sense of security and causes people to be negligent in how they approach the internet. Far too many people are using a Mac with confidential files and no software security whatsoever. In the line-up below, you’ll see the top security applications for Apple computers.
Simon Slangen, the author of the article, goes on to talk about three top security applications to protect your sensitive information on your Apple computer. These three applications are iAntiVirus (a virus scanner), SecureFiles (a file encryption utility) and NoobProof (Firewall Configuration).

I have never owned a Mac, but I do understand the importance in staying safe online no matter what computer you use. I encourage you to read the full article here The Top 3 Security Apps To Protect Your Mac (makeuseof.com). Hopefully this will help you Mac users to take the next step towards security and protecting your information if you haven't already. Thanks for reading!

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